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Your home should be an expression of the people who live there. It should reflect your aesthetic, follow your visual inclinations, and fulfill your specific, personal needs. As home improvement contractors and professional remodelers, we find satisfaction in creating a unique, one-of-a-kind home where a standard, uninspired house once stood.

With extensive experience assisting homeowners in Danville, CA, and all across the East Bay, Building Pros has the experience and resources needed to tackle any home remodeling project as quickly, cleanly, and efficiently as possible.

Whether you need extra bedroom space for older family members, an additional bathroom to minimize damage during the morning blitz, or a room that you can simply relax and enjoy life in—like a sunroom or a home theater—the dedicated remodeling team at Building Pros can take your vision and turn it into a feasible, physical design, just for you.

We’ve made it so that our services meet all of our client’s needs and specifications; from price point and budget to visual impact and timeline. Our procedure is as straightforward and stress-free as it’s possible to be. No confusing jargon, no hidden fees, no pre-contract requirements. Just simple, consistent communication and guaranteed satisfaction.

Where you live and experience life matters. It affects you and your family. In our opinion, a whole house remodeling is the best way for homeowners to fully and unequivocally express themselves, and we want to make this happen for you. As fully licensed and certified remodeling contractors, we at Building Pros can guarantee: no worries, no stress, no surprises—just a gorgeous home that you can call entirely your own.

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The Building Pros Approach.

What is our approach? Transparency. We value communication that is clear, transparent, and straight to the point. As such, we spare no expense to make sure you are always aware of whatever changes have happened or whatever decisions need to be made. No matter what, we make sure that you—as the homeowner—are always looped in.

Always Clean, Always Top Quality.

The Building Pros team is hyper-aware that we have a reputation of clean, top-quality service to uphold. That’s why you’ll always find us uniformed, prepared, and perfectly professional when on your property. We use top-quality tools like HEPA dust filters and zipwalls to make sure every part of your home is protected from splash or zone damage.

Your Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Goal.

If you want to know what to expect during a whole home remodel with us, please feel free to check out our online testimonials and verified customer reviews. 20% of our current business comes from repeat clients, all of whom we are very happy to work with again.


The cost of your whole house remodel will depend on different—but no less important—factors:

Project Scope

Appliance Cost & Quality

Finish Material Cost & Quality

Type Of Flooring

Size of Kitchen

Number of Bathrooms

Size of The Home

Furniture Cost & Quality

Layout/Structural Changes (if any)

Friendly Kitchen Remodel

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Schedule a call with one of our professional remodelers. We can discuss the particulars of your project and give you a detailed estimate of what your whole house remodel will cost. Specificity is important to us, so rest assured you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for—and how much.

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Choosing a Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Your home matters. It’s where your heart is. It’s your safe space. That being said, it is crucial that you hire home improvement contractors you can trust. If you live in or around Danville, CA and are interested in upgrading your home, know that Building Pros is here for you.

We do our absolute best to offer premium, outstanding services that meet all of our clients’ needs and expectations. Whatever project we undertake or remodel we oversee, we make sure we have the tools and resources needed to fulfill it in a way that is quick and convenient for you. Click the link below or call us at 925-838-7767 and make your dream home a reality today!

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